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Install Chrome on Windows
1. Download the installation file.
2. If prompted, click Run or Save.
3. If you choose Save, double-click the download button to start installing.
Start Chrome:
Windows 7: The Chrome window will open after everything is ready.
Windows 8 and 8.1: A welcome dialog will appear. Click Next to choose your default browser.
Windows 10: The Chrome window will open after everything is ready. You can make Chrome       the default browser.
If you use another browser, such as Internet Explorer or Safari, you can import browser settings to Chrome.

Download : HERE

What is WordPress? Understanding WordPress and its benefits

What is WordPress? Understanding WordPress and its benefits

If you want to create a website, there are various ways and platforms that you can use. There is a manual method using HTML coding. There is also an easier way, namely using a CMS or Content Management System.

CMS makes it easy for you to create a website without the need to understand coding. There are various CMSs for creating websites and WordPress is one of them.

In this article, I will discuss the notion of WordPress, the benefits of WordPress, the type of WordPress, and the reason why you should use WordPress.

Understanding WordPress

What is WordPress? WordPress is a website creation platform created by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little in 2003. Starting from the closing of blogging software named B2 / Cafeblog, Matt and Mike as B2B / cafeblog users, initiated the creation of similar software.

In 2004, the two programmers managed to release WordPress 1.0 with basic functions such as modified b2 / cafeblog owned. Since then WordPress travel has begun to become the most popular CMS in the whole world.

What’s interesting about WordPress is software that is open source. This means that WordPress can be used for free and free to be modified by anyone. In addition, WordPress provides a plugin that makes it easy for users to add features on the website with just one click.

WordPress is the most popular CMS

Easy way to use, complete features, and of course free to make WordPress as a favorite website creation in the whole world. WordPress is the platform behind making 30 percent of websites worldwide and making it the most popular among other CMS.

WordPress is proof that free software does not necessarily produce cheap and low quality websites. The proof is that WordPress is used by various large companies. Some of them are SONY Music, Microsoft News Center, Bata, The Walt Disney Company, The New York Times Company, Mercedes-Benz, and many more.

World celebrities also use WordPress to create their personal websites, such as Katy Perry, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, The Rolling Stone, and Usain Bolt.

The examples above also show that WordPress has been trusted to create high-quality websites throughout the world. Maybe you are the next WordPress user. In the next point I will discuss the reasons WordPress is the best website creation platform for you.

Why Use WordPress?

1. Friendly for Beginners and Experts

WordPress’s first advantage is its ease so that it can be used by anyone, from people who are already programming experts and ordinary people. You don’t need to be a programming expert and can create a professional website using WordPress.

2. Large Community

As mentioned earlier, 30 percent of websites in the world are made using WordPress. This figure also makes WordPress the largest market share holder in the website maker platform worldwide.

WordPress users also create discussion forums to share insights and the latest knowledge about how to create a website with WordPress and its optimization. The discussion forum was held both online and offline. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with websites and WordPress, there is no need to worry because you can learn from discussion forums that teach WordPress tutorials.

3. Many Tutorials available

Not only discussion forums, you can also learn how to create a website with WordPress and operate it with WordPress tutorials that are spread on the internet. You can learn by reading articles on WordPress tutorials, video tutorials or video tutorials.

4. Abundant plugin

In addition to the abundant WordPress tutorials, WordPress plugins are also abundant.

Do you want to optimize website SEO? There is a Yoast SEO plugin.

Want to add social media profiles and social media share buttons? You can use One Signal and other best wordpress social media plugins.

WordPress provides thousands of plugins to make it easier for you to manage and add features to your website. These advantages are rarely found on other platforms. In addition, many plugins provide a free version! You don’t need to spend extra money on the best features of WordPress.

5. Diverse themes

Not only are there lots of WordPress tutorials and plugins, even WordPress themes are equally abundant. Many developers have released WordPress themes both paid and free. Free WordPress themes are no less good than paid themes.

WordPress type

Already sure enough to use WordPress to create a website? Well, then there is one more thing you need to understand, namely two types of WordPress: and Why is this so important? Because both have different specifications so the resulting website is also different.

Simply put, is a free version and the version of is “paid.” Loh said it’s free? WordPress software is indeed free. The cost that you spend is not to buy WordPress software, but to rent hosting and domain.

You really don’t need to pay anything at all for, but with the terms and conditions of WordPress. There is a thing as free lunch. What are the consequences of using for free?

From the default domain extension (, disk space capacity is limited, theme choices are limited, can’t install plugins, can’t create online stores, and can’t advertise.

Unlike which gives you more freedom of modification than You can install plugins, abundant theme choices, can make online shops, and can make money through AdSense ads.

Benefits of WordPress

At the beginning of its appearance, WordPress is better known as a blogging platform. However, in its development WordPress is increasingly sophisticated. What websites can you make using WordPress? Here’s the explanation:

1. Personal Blogs and Websites

Yes, you can create a blog using WordPress, either or Of course with the consequences as mentioned above. You can use first to experiment. If you are already familiar with how to use it and start needing more features, you can migrate to

2. Company Website

In addition to blogs, you can also create a company website using WordPress. The website is useful for building your company’s credibility in cyberspace. This applies both to companies whose transactions are carried out online or offline.

According to Verisign’s report, 84 percent of consumers trust businesses that have websites rather than businesses that have social media pages. Having your website can make consumers trust your company more than any other company in the same business.

3. Online Store Website

In the previous point it was mentioned that cannot be used to create an online store. In order to be able to create an online store, you must use After that you can install the WooCommerce plugin to create an online store website.

WooCommerce allows you to create a complete online store website, from product display to payment. WooCommerce has been downloaded 53 million times and is the most popular online shop plugin in the world. On its official page, WooCommerce claims 28 percent of online stores in the world are made using WooCommerce.


WordPress is the best solution for creating websites for both ordinary people and developers. You can create websites quickly, easily, and without the need to have coding knowledge. You also don’t need to worry even though you have never used WordPress at all before. There are many tutorials and guides for creating websites with WordPress and how to optimize them. Congratulations on creating a website using WordPress!


Specifications You Need To Pay Attention When Choosing A Web Hosting Service

Based on our experience, many customers do not understand the technical specifications that will affect the performance of your website, and in many cases customers are confused by the number of technical specifications displayed on the hosting package. But simply there are some basic specifications that you can use to make decisions.

Here are some specifications that you can consider when choosing a web hosting service:

1. Disk Space

Disk space is the amount of hard disk storage capacity on a server that you can use. The more data stored on the server, the greater the use of diskspace. Choose a hosting package that has diskspace that can accommodate all the contents of the website file, including updating your website content in the future.

2. Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the amount of data transfer that occurs between the hosting server and the accessing computer. The more users, the greater your bandwidth usage. The maximum bandwidth usage limit will be reset from 0 back every month. When you choose hosting, make sure your monthly bandwidth is able to cover the average monthly number of visitors.

3. Webmail


Webmail is an email management feature on the hosting server that serves to manage incoming & outgoing e-mails and store e-mail data that you have.

With this feature you can send messages using an email with the end of your domain name for example: without having to depend on email service providers such as gmail, yahoomail & the like.

4. Cpanel


Cpanel is a hosting server control panel that functions to manage and manage features on the hosting server with a GUI (Graphical User Interface) display that displays images, icons, and writing.

Like you use a Smartphone, the appearance of a brand A smartphone can be different from a B brand smartphone, but basically the features in it are the same, there are features of calling, SMS to Camera, and hosting.

With this control panel, novice hosting users can easily manage their website files.

Basically there are many Cpanel provider services, you can learn the comparison of the types of cpanel HERE. But this time we will discuss the 2 most widely used Cpanel by many users, both personal users and hosting services, namely:

1. cPanel

Cpanel hosting

Cpanel is a hosting control panel made by that has an attractive display interface, complete features and the most users among other hosting control panels.

Advantages of Cpanel

User friendly & easy to use interface.
Features that are complete & include the needs of general hosting users.
Guides, tutorials & community support that are easy to find because of the many users.

CPanel deficiency

Not support use on Windows servers.

Cpanel is suitable for …

Novice hosting users who need a lot of information support & guidance.
Hosting users need easy server transfer flexibility & compatibility with many hosting services.

2. Plesk

plesk control panel

Plesk is a control that can run on Linux and Windows operating systems, an advantage that provides more value compared to cPanel. If you are a Windows XP user, then you will feel familiar when using Plesk because the display interface is indeed similar.

Excess Plesk control panel

User friendly and easy to use interface.
Features that are complete & include the needs of general hosting users.
Tutorial, guide and community support are quite a lot, although not as much as Cpanel.
Able to be used on a server with a Windows operating system.
Lack of Plesk control panel

Because of its popularity which is still inferior to Cpanel, it is still quite rare for hosting services to provide control panels with Plesk.
Plesk control panel is suitable for …

You who want to use hosting with a Windows server.

5. Quality Data Center

data center

The data center is the location of storage hosting servers equipped with infrastructure that serves to keep the server from interference, such as sufficiently cooled rooms, backup of electricity reserves and security from crime and natural disasters.

The data center itself is divided into several levels called Tier and has differences in supporting infrastructure.

See the explanation about the level / Tier data center below:

Types of Tier Data Center Hosting

Tier is a data center class, marked with ranks 1 to 4.

tier data center


From the explanation above, at least at this time you already have an idea of what web hosting is, how the website works, what hosting examples you need until the control panel is right for you.

So when you choose hosting you can determine the most effective and economical choice for your website needs.

Do you have a question about Web Hosting? Please leave your question in the comments column below, we will answer it 🙂



Types of Hosting Services

There are various types of hosting services available which use to adjust your website file storage requirements, namely:

      • Shared Hosting

        Shared hosting is a hosting service where a server is used jointly by many users at once. Users of shared hosting services share server resources & capacity together.

        Users have limited access rights to the server and the server settings are determined by the server manager.

        Shared Hosting is like renting a house with your friends.

        Each has its own room, but the kitchen and bathroom are shared. So if for example someone uses the bathroom or kitchen for too long, it can potentially interfere with your other friends’ activities.

        In this example you and your friends are likened to a hosting account, while the bathroom and kitchen are your hosting resources.

        The advantages of shared hosting:
        1. In terms of costs, renting shared hosting is quite economical and economical compared to renting a VPS or Dedicated Server.
        For beginners using shared hosting is quite easy, because you do not need to be bothered with the server settings themselves.
        In terms of support, usually hosting services provide support that is ready to help you for 24 hours.
        If there are problems with your server you don’t need to intervene yourself, the server provider will fix the problem.

        Lack of shared hosting:
        1. Because it is used together, if one user causes overload or interference on the server then the other user has the potential to be affected.
        2. Shared hosting users have very limited access to the server and can only access and manage their own files.
        3. All limit settings / limits have been determined by the server manager, Violation of the provisions of the server manager can result in detention until the removal of the hosting account.

      • VPS Hosting/VPS Server

        VPS Hosting / VPS Server is a physical hosting server that is divided back into a virtual server and functioned as a separate hosting server.

        Users have root access to their respective VPS servers and have full authority to set up their VPS servers. To manage a VPS server, you need basic knowledge about the server.

        When likened, VPS is an apartment building.

        Each room has its own facilities, such as bathroom, kitchen, living room etc. So that all residents have the freedom of access in managing and using the contents of their apartment rooms.

        However, because each apartment is in the same building, the electricity and water sources are still shared and used together.

        Here are the advantages and disadvantages of using VPS:

        VPS advantages:

        1. In terms of prices, VPS is still far more affordable than Dedicated Servers.
        2. You can & free to customize your VPS server.
        3. In the type of managed VPS, there is a support team that will help you 24 hours.
        4. Have VPS server root access.
        5. Scalable, you can reduce or increase resources without having to experience downtime.

        Lack of VPS:

        1. Basic knowledge of servers and operating systems is needed.
        2. Costs incurred are higher than shared hosting.
        3. Must install the control panel yourself.

        VPS hosting is suitable for hosting users who use their hosting resources can not be accommodated with shared shared hosting or require certain module modules that are shared / shared services on shared hosting services.

      • Dedicated Server & Colocation Server

        Dedicated servers and Colocation Servers are actually the same server, the difference is that the hardware component of the Dedicated Server hires the datacenter, while the Colocation server, physical server and all components are purchased by themselves, from hardware, software, firewalls to other components and placed in the data center for managed & treated. Users have a root access server and have full authority to manage the server. To manage Dedicated and Server Colocation, you also need knowledge about the server.

        If likened to a Dedicated Server or Colocation server is a building that you occupy yourself.

        You are free to use and manage all the facilities in it. This building is located in a complex called the data center. Even if it’s free, if something happens with your data center, the building / server that you have can be affected, for example, power outages or natural disasters.

        Like Shared hosting and VPS Hosting, Dedicated Servers also have advantages and disadvantages, including …

        Advantages of Server Dedication / Colocation

        1. 1 Physical server that is only used for you.
        2. have root server access.
        3. You are applying your own rules.
        4. Full control to improve server specifications yourself.
        5. A great resource for yourself.

        Lack of Dedicated / Colocation Servers
        1. Basic knowledge of servers and operating systems is needed.
        2. Costs incurred are higher than shared hosting.
        3. Must install the control panel yourself.
        4. If upgrading / downgrade will experience downtime because the server must be turned off.

        Dedicated / Colocation servers are suitable for large companies that require large resources and have high website traffic, certain modules that are not found in shared hosting services and high data security.

    Thats is Types of Hosting Services, thank you for your attention.

How Does Web Hosting Work?

When you access a website (either using an IP address or domain name) through a browser that uses the HTTP network protocol, the internet will send an access request to the hosting server. Furthermore, the server will send the requested file information to the computer via the internet which is then translated by the web browser in the form of text and images.

When you want to access a website, then you need to type the website address in the browser you are using.

Then, the command from the browser will be forwarded to the internet hosting server to be executed on request. The result of this activity is the display of the image & information of the website you want to access, which will be forwarded by the internet so that it can appear on your browser. So you get the website page that you need, that’s how web hosting works.

That’s How Does Web Hosting Work, thanks you for your attention.

What is web hosting ?

Web Hosting is …
In this article we will discuss in full what is web hosting, web hosting is a computer that is connected to the internet & is used to store website data so it can be accessed online.

Well, here is the explanation …

Have you ever thought about how a website can display information? Where is all the information stored so that it can then be displayed?

All information is stored in a place called a web hosting server.

In order to continue to connect to the internet and be accessible to everyone, a web hosting server is managed in a data storage space called a data center. Actually you can also make a PC in your home as a data storage server. However, this method is considered very troublesome especially in management matters, so not many people do it. Typically, website owners use the services of many web hosting providers available on the internet.

The term web hosting itself refers to the activity set or information storage service of a website until it can finally be displayed when you access.

Not infrequently, the term web hosting is actually used to refer to the hosting service provider company in general.

Okey, i hope this article can help you to know What is web hosting, thank you for reading my web.